A Sisterhood....
 setting women free From Restrictive Diets, over-training, And Negative body image.   
 We are Strong, NOT skinny! We strive to be fit, healthy, and balanced! The best version of ourselves. We are moms, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmas. We lift each other up! We are not alone. WE ARE STRENGTH SISTERS!
The strength sister road map.....
Step #1:We learn to master macro tracking. 
Stop fad diets! Learn to track macros so you can eat the food you love, heal your metabolism, and never yo-yo diet again. 

Macronutrients are simply the carbs, fat, and protein that make up your daily diet. We must have the right ratio of each to meet our goals. Each of us is different. We will establish the right macros for YOU!

  Over 28 days we come to you via email with a new lesson and a new task, allowing you to master macro tracking!
Step#2: We learn to strength train .
Strength Training is key to body composition transformation. We begin by building our foundation with our 6-week digital in-app strength training program. 

Are you intimidated by the gym, by weights? You need a plan and a coach! Let us coach you to be confident in the weight room!

You may be surprised that you need less cardio than you think and more strength training. 
Our progressive overload training will make sure you're getting stronger safely. 

These workouts come to you in our custom app. You can work out in your home gym or any gym of your choice.  We will help you design an in-home gym as well.
Step #3: We find our identity in Christ by studying his Word.

You are God's wonderfully made daughter! Find your identity in Christ and be the woman God has called you to be. 
We meet on the first Sunday of each month. In the comfort of your own home on a webinar conference call. All you need is a smartphone, computer, or tablet to join us. You just need to register. 

 Ephesians 2:10
For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

Get started today, programs listed below.

Meet Coach Kelly 
 Kelly is a believer, wife, and mother of 3. Kelly is the founder of Strength Sisters and co-founder of Temple Fitness. She is diverse in personal training certifications. Kelly's called to encourage and educate women to honor their bodies with fitness, nutrition, and God's truth. 

After 12 years of experience and hundreds of clients later. The mission is still to empower women and coach them to be the best version of themselves."  It's a dream come true that we can now reach women all over the world with our digital program."- Coach Kelly 

How we train....
Our M4 Method Explained. 

Get started today, programs below...

 What People Are Saying:
".....I was desperate to feel better"
Had chronic pain, was stuck on pain killers, bedridden and depressed
Until she found the M4 Method!

Coach Yolanda, our certified health coach started out as a client! She was so transformed that she joined forces with us and switched career paths! Listen to hear her transformation from chronic pain to pain-free, ripped, and now your health coach!-- 
Yolanda, 42
"... I was uncomfortable in my own skin before  Strength Sisters"
 Busy mom of 5, yes 5! She was tired, achy, and was not happy with the muffin top that showed up overnight. She was hesitant to strength train. She had never exercised in her life and never played any sports. This was all new to her! Stacey flourished and lost over 10 pounds of pure fat! She has gained lean muscle mass and say's she can't believe she did not do this sooner. 
Stacey, 39
"...I went from fragile to energized strong and lean"
Rachel was tired, stressed, fragile, and at her wit's end. As a working single mom of 3 at the age of 42, she was ready for change! She will admit that she was a sugar junkie and had no muscle! 
Working with the M4 program she went from tired and fragile to energized and ripped! Seriously she is only 13% body fat and can deadlift over 275 pounds when only weighing 115 her self! 
Rachel, 42
Our Top Programs

Fast Track Bundle

Master Macro Tracking Digital Course 

The Ultimate
Macro BootCamp

4 weeks of coaching and accountability

Private Coaching

The highest level of 
Complete Macro Set up and Health Assessment 

Live, one on one!

Ultimate Macro Cook Book

Strength Sisters Favorite Supplements 

In Home Training
 Band Kit

Join our community 
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Join our sisterhood! Be part of a community of women who lift each other up, pray for each other, teach each other, and are given education and coaching to have health and life transformations. 
  Contact us at: info@wearestrengthsisters.com 
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